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Welcome to the EOxServer Open Source Project

EOxServer is a server for Earth Observation (EO) data

EOxServer's mission: To provide an Open Source software framework to ease the online provision of big Earth Observation data archives via Open Standard services for efficient exploitation by users.

  • Open Source: MIT-style license
  • software framework: Entirely based on Open Source (Python, MapServer, Django, GDAL, etc.)
  • ease online provision: Admin GUI and command line data registration
  • big Earth Observation data archives: Operators register existing raster data archives
  • Open Standard services: Open in the sense of freely available; Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC); WMS, WCS, EO-WMS, EO-WCS
  • efficient exploitation by users: User defined sub-setting; view and download

Download EOxServer

EOxServer Documentation ( pdf)

EOxServer Demonstration (Explanations)

EOxServer Mailing Lists

 EOxServer included in  OSGeo-Live DVD

Work on EOxServer has been partly funded by the  European Space Agency (ESA) in the frame of the  HMA-FO and  O3S projects.

EOxServer Technical Details

EOxServer implements the  OGC Implementation Specifications EO-WCS and EO-WMS on top of  MapServer's  WCS and  WMS implementations.

EOxServer is released under the EOxServer Open License a MIT-style license and written in  Python and entirely based on Open Source software including  MapServer,  Django,  GDAL,  SpatiaLite, or  PostGIS, and  PROJ.4. Versions 0.1.x are released under the GNU General Public License.

The currently available functionality includes:

  • Support of GML AP – Coverages for RectifiedGridCoverages
  • Support of adopted WCS 2.0 specification (Core including GetCapabilities, DescribeCoverage, and GetCoverage requests, KVP-, and XML/POST protocol binding)
  • Anticipated support of envisaged extensions: Coverage format, GeoTIFF encoding, predefined (or EPSG) CRSs, scaling & interpolation, and non-referenced access. By "anticipating" we mean to reflect the latest WCS.SWG discussions as well as to follow the relevant parts of the previous 1.1 and 1.0 versions of WCS.
  • Support of 2-D EO Coverages derived from gmlcov:RectifiedGridCoverage
  • Support of 2-D EO Coverages derived from gmlcov:ReferenceableGridCoverage
  • Support of Dataset Series as a collection of EO Coverages e.g. in a time series
  • Support of new DescribeEOCoverageSet operation on Dataset Series and EO Coverages
  • Support of Stitched Mosaic of Rectified EO Coverages including concept of contributingFootprint
  • Support of EO Metadata (retrieval and evaluation in DescribeEOCoverageSet operation)
  • Protocoll bindings supported:
    • KVP
    • XML/POST (used together with SOAP2POST Proxy to support XML/SOAP protocol binding)
  • Coverage formats supported:
    • GeoTIFF
    • Formats supported by the GDAL library (support needs to be verified for each required format separately)
  • Support of EO-WMS for EO Coverages

EOxServer Wiki

This wiki is a major source of information and collaboration both for EOxServer users and developers. Please feel free to add any relevant information to the wiki.

Development discussions take place at the RfcDiscussions page and sub-pages. Feel free to add your comments.


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